SNR Endorses Phil Serna for Supervisor

Excerpted from the Sacramento News and Review
This article was published on 05.27.10

Board of Supervisors
District 1

Phil Serna

You can’t live in Sacramento long without developing a respect for this candidate’s surname. Joe Serna Jr. was a legend in this town, serving as its mayor from 1992 until his death from cancer in 1999. Strong but compassionate, an activist by nature and history, Mayor Serna was no less than beloved. Now his son, Phil Serna, has entered politics and is running for a seat on the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors.

Serna is just what the board needs. With the county facing a wrenching budget crisis, Serna has said he’s ready to consider options that increase revenue—a none too popular position these days. He talks openly about exploring taxing alcohol sales at bars and restaurants to help fund mental health and other services and has pushed for a change in state law that would allow voters to do this at the local level. He believes in service consolidation in the realm of fire protection, water delivery, and planning, building and environmental-review services. He’s a strong supporter of Assembly Bill 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, and understands the job creation benefits it could result in for Sacramento County. Finally, he believes the Sacramento Regional Transit system should be “the centerpiece of a new planning paradigm” for the county instead of the afterthought it now is in the planning process.

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