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Reform Government "Redevelopment should be reformed to focus on people, not just buildings. Union apprenticeships on redevelopment projects should go to residents from those blighted areas. A union trade is a ticket to the middle class."
Restore Lives "We can move people from welfare to work, from homelessness to homes, from gangs to after-school programs. Restoring lives restores communities. It takes a commitment from all of us and a willingness to lead."
Rebuild Neighborhoods "Developers proposing new projects should help rebuild neighborhoods by rehabilitating foreclosed and distressed properties. And our levees must be rebuilt on-time so we avoid loss of life and protect our community."

Thank You

A Thank YouMany have been asking when I will be seated to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. I'll be sworn in Tuesday, December 14 at 9:30 AM in Board chambers – 700 H Street, Suite 1450. The public is invited to attend, and I look forward to seeing family, friends and supporters.

Again, I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve – thank you.

- Phil Serna